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using the most powerful AI image generation technology in the world.

Simply upload 📸20 photos of yourself and we'll use AI to generate over 🎨100 amazing photos of you. Our quality is world class.

  • ✅ 100+ amazing photos of you.
  • ✅ Full HD quality photos (2048x2048)
  • ✅ Easily downloadable photos

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Frequently asked questions

Where do you store my data? 🔒
The data is encrypted and stored securely on servers in Frankfurt, Germany 🇩🇪. We use the same servers and security providers as banks and security agencies.
What do you think about privacy? ⚖️

Our business relies on our reputation of treating your data with respect. We take your privacy very seriously. We would never sell your data to anyone.

For the full info, see our privacy policy (or email if you have any questions).

Who built this app?

Me, I'm Tom.

I'm an independent entrepreneur originally from the UK 🇬🇧. I sold my previous startup (HR-related tech software) to a company in the UK.

What do you do with my photos that I upload?
We use your photos to train a AI model for you, built on an AI model called Stable Diffusion.

We then generate new photos from your photos using this model. This AI model is trained on your photos, and is not shared with anyone else. You can delete your model and your photos at any time by clicking the delete button.

What do you do with my payment details? 💳

We never see your payment details, nor do we store your payment details.

We use Stripe to handle your payment. Stripe is an industry leader, used by millions of people daily (a bit like Visa for the tech world). Stripe stores your payment details securely.
How do you train the AI? 🧠
For each person we:
  1. 1. create a fresh copy of our version of an open-source AI model called Stable Diffusion (We don't share models between people).
  2. 2. train that model, in a process called fine-tuning, using your photos. (This is a bit like training a young child to recognise a particular person).
  3. 3. give the model certain guidance on what images to create (prompts), which then generates new photos of you
  4. 4. apply our post-processing to the images to make the results outstanding.
What photo formats do you accept?
We support JPG, PNG, and HEIC.
Do I own my photos? What can I do with them?
Yes, you own your photos.

You can do whatever you want with them. You can download them, share them, delete them, sell them, get tatoos of them on your chest, build giant heroic stone statues of them - the whole lot.

Your photos are yours.

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